In 2007, Arianna Huffington, founder of the Huffington Post, collapsed from exhaustion, fractured her cheekbone, and nearly bled to death. She had been working eighteen hours a day, seven days a week, for two years in order to succeed in the news industry. As she recuperated in the hospital Arianna had a lot of time to question the workaholic lifestyle that had resulted in her burnout. She realized “success” wasn’t about money and power, but about thriving and creating a happier life you enjoy. Money and power were only a two-legged stool that had toppled over. Arianna wanted a more balanced life and set out to shift the workaholic culture and redefine success so it would allow people to thrive, focused on Wellbeing, Wisdom, Giving, and . . . Wonder."

What is wonder? Wonder is the intoxicating feeling of awe, amazement, or astonishment as we behold something beautiful or something unexpected. It’s curiosity, doubt, or uncertainty in the unfolding of a brave new adventure. Wonder is any experience that reveals the human spirit. 

Like a toddler at the county fair with sticky lips covered in pink spun sugar and eyes open wide like saucers as they take their first taste of cotton candy, Wonder is a delightful sensation. And, like the marvel of a fuzzy newborn puppy curled up in your lap, Wonder opens the heart. Wonder is like chocolate icing on a vanilla cupcake. It’s not something we need in order to survive, but it adds delicious flavor and texture to the quality of our lives. Wonder is an essential ingredient in order to thrive.

Illumine Vol. 3 is filled with a variety of stories told from different points of view to shed incandescence on this power leg of Wonder . . . Read more about Wonder in ILLUMINE Vol. 3.

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The Secret Cave

     Nick reached across his nightstand to silence the alarm. He could hear Caroline in the bathroom singing along with the shower radio he’d given her for Christmas.
     “You got me workin’ day and night. And I’ll be workin’ from sunup to midnight …”
    Nick joined in the chorus as he threw on his slacks and buttoned up an oxford shirt. Then, he grabbed his phone from the charger. With clients in twenty-four different time zones, dozens of new emails and voice messages flooded his inbox each night. Nick’s thumbs flew into motion as he typed, The Cave @ 5:30 directly under a reminder to schedule a 7-year check up for the twins.
    A quick stop at the drive-through for a triple mocha and Nick was on his way. He fumbled with the dials as he kept his eyes on the road. During his two-hour commute, last year alone he’d completed thirty-one Marketing Masters podcasts, forty-five audiobooks, and maintained his Start Your Day Right reading plan, without missing a day, except when the twins were sick. Nick slowed as traffic merged. Orange cones announced a lane closure up ahead. He glanced at the clock. At this rate, his first appointment would already be waiting when he arrived. That would throw his entire day into overdrive.
    As he took the elevator up to the fifth floor, Nick checked his calendar again. Three meetings, two in the morning, one in the afternoon. He would have to get a jumpstart on the proposal for Idea-X1 before the second meeting or he’d miss the deadline. Elevator doors slid open and he hurried down the marble hall. He wondered how he’d ever make it to The Cave tonight . . . Click here to read the full story published in Illumine.

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Finding Stillness

As we are bombarded throughout our day with text messages, notifications, emails, blinking ads, and long hours of screen time that cause eye strain and neck pain, with unlimited access to endless information at our fingertips and constant connection to everyone we’ve ever met since kindergarten, this overload of stimuli can lead to FOMO (fear of missing out) which has been shown to increase anxiety, depression, and even suicide. In the midst of this digital age, Stillness is more relevant, but also more elusive than ever.

It’s no wonder the current dress-for-success uniform is to wear the same thing every day and the latest trends in home decor are white walls and uncluttered minimalism. In this visual jungle of data, where life seems busier than ever and information travels at the speed of light, we crave calm.
But, the moment we set out to be still, the chatter of the mind fights for attention and endless distractions wrestle with our resolve. And, before we can even down the avo toast with a swig of coffee, how many times have we already googled something?
Illumine Vol. 2 is filled with a variety of stories on Stillness told from different points of view. We hope this volume sheds some incandescence on the intrinsic and enduring value of Stillness to inspire your practice . . . Read more about Stillness in ILLUMINE Vol. 2.

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